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Why doesn’t emDial work on Vodacom/CellC/8ta?

emDial is currently only supported by MTN South Africa. Please enquire with your operator as to when they intend supporting emDial.


I keep getting a server timeout message. What should I do?

In order to use the application with MTN South Africa please ensure that WiFi has been switched off. MTN South Africa requires that you use emDial via the MTN data network (i.e. 3G) only.


Is Windows Phone 8 Supported?



I keep getting a Registration failed 406 error when using the application

on windows phone. Why is this?

MTN South Africa requires that you only use their 3G network to use emDial.

If your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network then please disable Wi-Fi before using emDial.

If your device is connected to your PC using a USB cable then please disconnect the USB cable before using emDial.


How do I get emDial for my Windows phonem (Nokia Lumia)/iPad/Tablet?

emDial for Windows Phone 7/8 can be downloaded from the windows phone marketplace on your device.


The steps are as follows:

1) Ensure your phone has a working internet connection.

2) Open the “Marketplace” application on your device.

3) Press the search icon at the bottom centre of the screen.

4) Enter emdial in the search box that appears.

5) You should then see the emDial application, published by Nokia Corporation.

6) Select the emDial application.

7) Press “install” and the application should begin to download and install on your device.

8) Once it has finished downloading you will be able to open and use it.


emDial for the iPad can be downloaded through App Store.

emDial for Android is available via the Google Play store.


I keep getting “IP not associated with URL” message. What should I do?

This is usually a result of not being connected to the internet. Please check that your device is connected to the internet via 3G before using emDial. If it is not connected to the internet, please check with MTN SA why this may be. Once this is resolved, please try emDial again.


What is the correct IP address and Port for emDial?

Currently emDial only supports MTN SA. The correct IP address is mtn.mag.co.za and the correct port is 7000.

To update the IP address and port, ensure that you are connected to the internet.  Open emDial and tap settings to check which IP address is typed in.

If it is im.mtn.co.za, then delete im.mtn.co.za and type mag.mtn.co.za. Tap the tick to save the setting.


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